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18 października, 2021
Fashion at American High Schools

Fashion at American High Schools Crocs; school spirit days; red, white, and blue. For nearly all high school students—American high...

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16 czerwca, 2021
An american host mom’s experience

This blog consists of the testimony of an American host mum, Mary who hosted many exchange students.

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14 czerwca, 2021
The American host family experience

Hello, my name is Giulia. I will be speaking about my experience as an exchange student In Adrian, Michigan.

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11 marca, 2021
International Student at Layton Christian Academy

International high school student Anne from the Netherlands shares her fun adventures. See what it is like arriving, living, and...

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17 listopada, 2020
My boarding experience

Boarding experience at the Northland Scholars Academy in Dunbar.

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3 listopada, 2020
American experience at a Public High School

American experience at a Public High School

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25 października, 2020
A month without homesickness

Experiencing Christmas in the US as an international high school student is an exciting time. Our student from Slovenia tells...

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7 listopada, 2019
3 steps to adjust to your host family

Living with an American host family as an international high school student is an amazing experience. Here are 3 tips...

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30 września, 2019
Tips for living with a host family

Studying high school abroad can be a challenge for international students. Here are 4 tips to create an amazing experience...

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24 września, 2019
The one problem all international students face

Staying in a different country is extremely difficult. Especially, when you are far from your family, friends, food, etc..

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